2014 Highlights

Help and Loving Support

A nervous looking man in a military uniform knocked at the door of the Mobile. “What do you do here?” he asked. Upon learning that we offer pregnancy tests and limited ultrasound and help women and men facing unplanned pregnancies, he asked if he could bring his girlfriend. When they arrived, she 


explained that she had begun to cry when she saw the positive home pregnancy test. She had previously been in an abusive relationship and had an abortion. Now with help from PSC at the Mobile and the loving support of her current boyfriend she is excited about this pregnancy!

Hard Decisions Made by Young Couple and True Love

“If I am pregnant I have to have an abortion,” Kelly said as she entered the intake room alone. Kelly and Austin had come to the Center for a pregnancy test, but Kelly had recently been intimate with her ex-boyfriend and feared he was the father. At that time Austin stated he would be with Kelly no matter the outcome of the test. When they returned two weeks later for an ultrasound, Kelly asked to visit with the advocate from her first visit. This time she shared that she could not go through with an abortion and wanted to keep the baby. However Austin now told her that he could  


not raise another man’s child and wanted her to have an abortion. During the ultrasound Kelly cried and Austin was attentive. While Kelly was in the dressing room after the ultrasound, we asked Austin how he was feeling. He said he was confused and just wanted to do what Kelly wants. We offered the couple ultrasound pictures but they declined. A few days later the couple returned and asked for the pictures. They said they still hadn’t made a decision and so we continued to pray. Kelly and Austin returned the following week and said they had chosen to continue the pregnancy!

Better Choices Made Second Time Around

“I cannot have an abortion again.”  Shelia had a previous abortion and because of that experience, she was determined to carry this pregnancy to term. She came to the Center seeking information about adoption. Although we are not licensed to facilitate adoptions, we do offer peer counseling, literature and a referral list of adoption 


agencies. We provided the information and prayed with her. The last time we talked to Sheila, she was working with an adoption agency and looking through family profiles to choose a family for her baby. Although we have not learned Sheila’s final decision, we are encouraged that she chose life and thankful to have provided help.

The Gift of Sharing Jesus is Answer to Prayer

“A Higher Power must have created all this.” Lisa had been raised in church but now had many questions, and her visit for a pregnancy test had led to a spiritual discussion. We were privileged to read some scriptures with her and talk about her questions. When we shared the gospel, Lisa said she had accepted Christ as a child but “not as an adult.” That day she chose to


give her life to Christ. Her friend, Melissa, who had accompanied her also prayed to receive Christ! We rejoiced with both women and gave them Bibles and church referral lists. Each day we ask God to give us opportunities to share the gospel with clients. How sweet it was to share with two and see both respond to Him!

These are just a small sample of stories that we celebrate! If God has stirred your heart to become a part of the ministering team at PSC or on the Mobile, please contact Leslie at 823-1484 or by email. God bless you and your family this Thanksgiving and Christmas season!