Living Pants Up in a Pants Down World

We’ve been seduced by the enemy to think that God is holding out on us. It’s the same lie Satan used in the garden. Jeffrey Dean opened the eyes of students to the battle and the lies and equipped them from God’s Word to prepare for the battle and win through Jesus Christ. 

During the weekend we saw incredible breakthroughs in the lives of many students! Between 20 and 40 students trusted Christ for the first time. Many others recommitted to serve God and live for Him.

Thank you so much for the prayers, contributions, and volunteer hours that made this retreat possible. Volunteers provided between 300 and 400 hours of service as planning team, band members, registration helpers, set designers, merchandise table managers, panelists, and set-up and tear down crews. What a blessing to see so many give their lives to Christ, expose the battle, and commit to living a pure life in a world that certainly suggests otherwise! 

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